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Thread: Bonus For Posting Rules

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    Bonus For Posting Rules

    1. Every Nigeria Forex forum member automatically becomes the campaign participant.

    2. There are two types of bonuses in the forum:
    Bonuses for posts. They are available to anyone, even beginners, but only for relevant and meaningful posts. An author can add no more than 5-10 posts a day. The bonus size is up to 30 cents per post.
    Bonuses for likes. They are received by the authors of posts that gain likes from the forum readers. The Bonus for likes for one post can reach more than $50.

    The total income of a contributor can amount to $2,000 a month.

    3. The bonuses for the previous month are credited automatically to the trading account attached to the profile in the Bonus for Posting section from the 1st to the 7th day of every month.
    i)A forum member registered after the 15th day of a month may attach his trading account to the forum profile after the 8th day of the following month.
    ii)A forum member registered before the 15th day of a month shall attach his trading account to the profile till the end of the month in order to receive the bonuses for this month.
    Note: If client failed to attach his/her account to his/her profile during posting month his/her bonus should be cancel.

    4. The bonus cannot be withdrawn from the account, but there are no restrictions for withdrawing the profit.

    Note: you can withdraw your profit via any system provided by the InstaForex

    5. A participant can provide only one account for crediting bonus, and he/she is able to change the account number only once in 2 months.

    Note: If user provide more then one account for crediting bonus from different profiles we have right to block all his/her accounts.

    6. The bonus shall be credited to a trading account registered following the forum's referral link, or indicating the "portalforum" affiliate code at registration. Otherwise, the trading account will not be attached to your profile on the forum.

    Note: If you didn't understand how to register your account with Instaforex then click here for complete step by step procedure with image.

    7. If a forum user has accounts on other forums, which hold Bonus for Post campaign sponsored by InstaForex, he is entitled to bonuses only from nigeria-forex.com credited by the end of a month.

    8. The company reserves the right to deny crediting the bonus or to cancel bonus and profit made over the bonus without explaining the reason. As a rule, such actions mean violation of the bonus program or trading regulation rules or excluding a trader from the bonus program.

    9. Withdrawal of profit made over the bonus amount is available only from the trading accounts with the highest level of verification.

    Note: How to verify your trading account there is complete procedure please click here

    10. The messages posted on forum should be informative and authentic. The authentic messages shall be exclusively posted on the forum. They shall not be copied from other resources or copied to other forums and portals. The regular positing of copied messages on the forum shall be regarded as misuse of the bonus program and can result in banning the forum member.

    11. The forum administration does not bear responsibility for hacking user’s accounts and grabbing the accrued bonuses by attaching third person’s trading accounts to user’s profiles. Please follow the safety precautions while working online. Keep your password secure and do not disclose your password to any third person. Scan your computer for viruses regularly. Change your password intermittently creating a new complex password.

    12. The bonus campaign terms may be changed by the forum Administration on a unilateral basis without prior notice to the participants.

    Please pay attention that the way of assessing the forum content will be changed starting July 2017.

    Now, the content estimate will be carried out with the Intelligent System of Content Analysis (ISCA), which we developed alongside the forum’s sponsors.
    The ISCA will be automatically assessing input of a user into the forum’s interesting and useful content. This will ensure larger bonuses to the users, who develop the forum posting fascinating materials; and at the same time, it will prevent those, who fill the forum with dull materials that meet the campaign rules only formally, from getting undeserved bonuses.

    Bonuses for June will be credited according to the results of the ISCA posts analysis. The bonus budget for June was not reduced,
    but re-distributed among users in line with the new system that takes into account real input into interesting forum contest. To show how the ISCA works, below we list 30 random authors and their bonuses according to the old and new systems:
    The numbers in the right column are shown without cuts due to the USD 300 limit set for June, which means the users that should receive over USD 300 according to the new system will still get USD 300. The limit will be extending in every next month. The limit growth rate will depend on the forum development and its traffic.

    Note: Frequently Asked Questions you can find here and "how the ISCA works" here.
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