Hello, dear traders.
I wish you were as lucky as the day started for me today. I opened the platform today and saw that my buy deal was closed profitably. My target was reached.
Congratulations to everyone who also profited from purchases opened yesterday.
The ones who did not join the growth yesterday can do it today. The upper boundary for the options trade volume was raised yesterday and now it is at 1.1850 for futures. Fifty pips may be gained as profits today.
The lower boundary has remained at 1.1700.
EUR/USD EUUM8 Expected Range

Letís add this range to the forex market and here what we receive:
The lower boundary (put level) 1.1700 - 0.0004 = 1.1696. Given bonuses (8 pips) for risk, the level is 1.1696 Ė 0.0008 = 1.1688. This level is the maximum possible downward risk.
The call level, or resistance, is in the range of 1.1850 levels for futures. We should consider the forward point, which is mere 2 pips today, and we get the price 1.1850 - 0.0002 = 1.1848. The bonus for call options with the strike at 1.1850 is also 8 pips today.
Thatís why the maximum risk for today is at 1.1848 + 0.0008 = 1.1856. It will be the maximum level for call options sellers. The higher price will result in losses for them.

Small speculators are opening sales. Purchases are being closed, but the euro is actively sold from 1.1510 levels. Given the situation in the options market and the sentiment of small traders, there is an imbalance.
Big players are buying the euro, small ones are selling. Where the euro will go is obvious.

The first purchase was closed profitably yesterday. The second purchase is fixed today.
I applied the options levels to the chart, getting ready for purchases.
The best level for purchases is 1.1688, but the price will hardly correct to it.
Thatís why Iíll open purchases from 1.1760 and lower.
SL and TP are both 100 pips.
The risk is 2% of the deposit.