I will sum up my assumptions about the euro and pound.

My assumption of a decline was confirmed, but the price for the entry did not work. During the European session, the initial pullback did not happen. The weak attempt to make correction did not produce specific results, the market turned out to be under strong pressure, which had been already seen at the opening of the market.
What else I liked is the workout of the target to decline. The level of 1.3105 was reached very accurately and from it, 45 points of growth were made.
Now it turns out that the pound is traded between two important levels. This is not a good price area to enter.
The optimal levels for work will be 1.3180 and 1.3100.
I will not recreate the wheel, the main and understandable conditions for trading will be as follows:
In case of a breakout and price consolidation above 1.3180, a buy signal will be generated;
In case of a breakout and price consolidation below 1.3100, a sell signal will be generated.

As for the euro, the option with a decline was also confirmed. The level for sales was not reached, therefore, a pending sell order had to be removed.
At around 1.1600, the price demonstrated biased attitude.
Having reached the mark, the price, as with the pound, made a pullback of 45 points up.
Now it turns out that all the decline from the beginning of the European session was offset by a pullback.
At the moment, I believe that this pullback was made in order to close the sales of small traders who have already moved their positions into a breakeven point.
From the level of 1.1638, I opened the sale with a take profit of 1.1560.
So, now I am waiting for the fulfilment of this assumption.