Hi! It is the midnight in the US while the Europe has just woken up, so the market is in a lull. The open interest rose slightly by 2 thousand. What do we have on the weekly chart? On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the price was trading at the levels between 1632-1720. The most interesting thing is that the Americans were working in the range of 1682-1720 (1632-1680 on Forex), while the Europeans were trading at the level of 1632-1682 (1582-1632 on Forex). What does it mean? It means that if it is a buy signal for the next week, then the Americans should move to the Europeans’ area. And what if it is a sell signal? Then all of them need to sell at higher levels or at the current upper boundary of this week. I don’t plan to work today. I will wait for more credible signals.

In the picture we can see a probability of reaching the 16th figure by the Americans today. I don’t think that the Europeans will manage to reach the 17th figure.
P.S. The Americans were active on the downside yesterday, but the biggest volumes were traded at the levels, which I mentioned above.